About 50cal Detailing

We are 50cal, manufacturers of high calibre detailing products. We have combined our knowledge of detailing with the latest chemistry to create this new premium range of detailing products.

Facts about us:
  • Established at the end of 2013, 50cal is a start-up business based in the historic Belfast Harbour area.
  • The company is made up of 3 people, known as ‘The Detailer’, ‘The Chemist’ and ‘The Business’.
  • Although we have only been registered as a business since 2013, we have already put around 24 months of research and development into this venture.
  • We have a huge arsenal of products that we are going to launch; at least 1 every month.
  • We like travelling so expect to see us at numerous events all over the UK.
  • We like steak, but that shouldn’t concern you.
  • We do everything by hand: blending, pouring, manufacturing, and so on.
  • We don’t like liars - don’t say that you make detailing products if can’t make good on that claim!
  • We love detailing and all the people that get involved with it, so make sure you become our friends on the various social media sites.
Other than that, cheers for supporting 50cal.

Over and out.

The detailer THE DETAILER The Detailer is a veritable fountain of detailing knowledge. He knows everything there is to know about waxing, polishing, and generally making cars look shiny and new.
The chemist THE CHEMIST 50cal’s resident scientist is constantly tinkering in the lab, trying to find the next big breakthrough in detailing technology. He’s our secret weapon, allowing us to stay one step ahead of the competition!
The business THE BUSINESS Every successful company needs a hard-headed businessman at the helm, and they don’t come much more hard-headed than The Business. As his name suggests, he looks after the business side of things while the other two handle the details (pardon the pun).