We are happy to announce a new partnership with global automotive blog Autolifers!

What are they about?

'At Autolifers we want to bring you everything about the auto life. With so many different styles of modifying now, and indeed all the different rivalries, we wanted to create a home for everyone. A place that you can find something to suit your tastes and a place where you can also get a feel for other styles that maybe you did not consider before. We as a community should come together and enjoy and respect each others different styles. Afterall, it would be very boring if we all drove the same style of car… right?'

Patrick McCullagh - Head Honcho at Autolifers

We couldn't agree more with this philosophy so we invited the crew up to our comrade's detailing garage to see the 50cal detailing arsenal in action. Here is Autolifer Dave using our Cover-Up Filler Glaze with a DA on his MX5 import.

Needless to say the Autolifers crew were very impressed with the unrivalled performance of the 50cal range and from here banged our heads together and came up with a few ideas! Read more about what went on here: http://www.autolifers.com/garage-life-50cal-detailing-regime-at-pmg-autocare/

With all the confusion and bullsh1t around the world of detailing isn't it about time you had a review that was easy to digest and not full of complicated buzz words and chemistry. The Autolifers will be writing monthly reviews of 50cal products over a 6 month period. Writing from an enthusiasts perspective rather than that of a professional detailer. This will give readers a great insight into ease of use, longevity, finish and value for money. Whilst the written content will be easy to read the pictures will do the talking.

Look out for more collaborations with the Autolifers crew and 50cal including competitions, limited edition products, articles and more.

Checkout the guys here: www.autolifers.com
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