Cover-Up Filler Glaze

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Product Description

A brand new easy to use Filler Glaze that allows amateurs to paint correct!

This will mask any swirls marks , cobwebs, holograms and light scratches in your paintwork.

It can be used on any colour car and for best results use with a DA polisher.

For longevity this products can be sealed in with a Wax or Sealant, we personally recommend Pentawax.

Usage Guidelines

Can be applied by hand or dual action machine. By hand it should be applied using a clean foam applicator pad. Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops to the applicator pad and massage evenly into the panel, allow to cure for approximately 3-5 minutes. Remove the film by gently buffing with a clean microfibre cloth. To achieve best results we recommend application with a dual action polisher, using a foam finishing pad. Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops onto the finishing pad. Then work in thoroughly to the panel at around 3000-4000 orbits per minute until only a film remains. The film should then be buffed off carefully using a clean microfibre cloth.

Customer Reviews

Pete from Ni

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Comments Love this product! my civic has soft paint and gets swirls pretty easy but this always leaves the car looking great. Yes it's a little expensive but we are always going to complain about price( just to try and get the price down) but you really don't use much so it will last.