50cal Detailing 9 Piece Starter Kit


The 50cal Detailing 9 Piece Starter Kit gives you the opportunity to try out 9 of 50cal Detailing’s best known products.

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The 50cal 9 Piece Starter Detailing Kit gives you the opportunity to try out 9 of 50cal Detailing’s best known products.  It includes everything needed to wash and polish your car to a perfect shine.

Tracer Hi-Gloss Shampoo

Tracer Hi-Gloss Shampoo is PH neutral shampoo with great lubrication and foaming abilities. Tracer has been developed in such a way as a preventative measure to ensure dirt is not dragged across the paintwork during washing. It is formulated from the highest quality raw materials sourced globally and will leave a deep gloss and unrivalled shine.

Cover-Up Filler Glaze

Cover-Up Filler Glaze is an easy to use high gloss glaze that allows anyone to get the appearance of a highly polished paint finish in one easy step. Cover-Up will mask light swirls marks, spider webs, and holograms in your paintwork.

Precision Interior Detailer

Precision Interior Detailing Dressing has taken 24 months to develop and fine tune to give the ultimate long lasting finish to all internal trim.  Precision is the perfect tool for effortless dashboard cleaning and dressing any plastic, vinyl and rubber.

20:20 Glass Cleaner

50cal Detailing 20:20 glass cleaner is a truly exceptional glass cleaner for both interior and exterior glass. We have formulated this product in conjunction with industry professionals to offer a ready to use product that not only instantly cleans but flashes quickly and leaves no smears or streaks.

Cammo Wet Look Tyre Dressing

Cammo tyre dressing has been developed to give a multi-function option to the professional detailer or valeter. Cammo is easy to apply and spreads effortlessly. A single application seals and waterproofs the tyre wall leaving a matt to satin finish depending on the tyre. If you want your tyres to look slick, and have the wet look, a second application brings out the gloss.

Fortress Liquid Polish

Fortress Liquid Polish combines the long established quality finish of Carnauba with the powerful strength of Montan. Fantastically easy to apply, the cure time is minutes and the effortless buff removal completes the experience.

Stealth Detailing Spray

Stealth last touch detailer is an easy to use spray and wipe style detailing spray and is the ultimate finishing product to complement any detailing portfolio. The Stealth last touch detailer is ready to use as it can be applied directly to the paint surface. Stealth is easy to apply and leaves behind a high gloss finish.  This detailing spray has been developed to create an exceptionally high water tension on your paintwork meaning that water will bead easily and not allow dust and dirt to settle.

Ambush Superfoam

Ambush superfoam is a high strength snow foam which is a long cling foam, is unsurpassed by its dwell time and cleaning ability. Ideally Ambush superfoam is used in a dedicated snow foam lance at high pressure. When mixed correctly it will produce a thick mousse like foam which adheres to vertical surfaces for up to 30 minutes. This is as close to a ‘touch less’ wash as you will get and it will not degrade any prior surface treatments.

Retaliate Concentrated Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Retaliate alloy wheel cleaner is a heavy duty concentrated wheel cleaner. It is completely acid free and is safe for use on all alloy wheels. This is a professional product and is highly concentrated, so it’s not to be used neat. Retaliate uses the latest technology to break down road grime, dirt and brake dust easily without the need to be acidic.  The products was designed to make cleaning your wheels as effortless as possible.

Kit Contains:

Tracer Hi-Gloss Shampoo – 500ml

Cover-Up Filler Glaze – 500ml

Precision Interior Detailer – 500ml

20:20 Glass Cleaner – 500ml

Cammo Wet Look Tyre Dressing – 500ml

Fortress Liquid Polish – 500ml

Stealth Detailing Spray – 500ml

Ambush Superfoam – 500ml

Retaliate Concentrated Alloy Wheel Cleaner – 500ml

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