Car Wash Products: Snow Foam, Exterior Cleaning & Pre-Wash

Our range of snow foams and car cleaning products have been manufactured using the latest chemistry and designed to effectively clean and decontaminate your cars paintwork and exterior. For a weekly maintenance wash Combat Neutral Snow Foam is the ultimate weapon, spray it straight on and agitate with a lamb’s wool mitt or use via the Two Bucket Method.

This is the most important stage of the detailing process, so you need to make sure the car is prepared thoroughly. For a deep clean;

  1. Frontline Pre-Wash
  2. Ambush SuperFoam
  3. Combat Neutral Snow Foam
  4. Assault APC for door shuts
  5. Target Tar and Glue Remover - get rid of tar spots
  6. Decon Fallout Remover - get rid of iron fallout on bodywork and alloys.