Cover-Up Filler Glaze & Pentawax & Stealth Kit


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When you need that show car shine this is the perfect kit for getting the gloss back in your paintwork.

Cover-Up Filler Glaze is an easy to use high gloss glaze that allows anyone to get the appearance of a highly polished paint finish in one easy step.

Cover-Up will mask light swirls marks, spider webs, and holograms in your paintwork.

Even though cover up is a bright blue colour, it can be used on any colour car and for best results apply with a dual action polisher.

For longevity this products can be sealed in with our Pentawax for a long lasting high gloss finish.

Pentawax is our premier all round topical wax. We have formulated this wax with some key ingredients that both aid protection, give a brilliant shine and promote beading like you never have seen. The core of the wax is built around the classic detailing wax carnauba. To this we have strengthened its backbone with the addition of one of the hardest waxes, Montan. This both improves the resistance to degradation and aids the ‘keying’ of the Carnauba to the paint surface. We then went further. To aid the beading and UV protection we introduced some of the latest nano technology. Our last key ingredient cures the wax quickly but also aid with its effortless removal, while nourishing the paintwork. The addition of carrying oils completed the masterpiece that is PentaWAX.  The 50ml tub contains enough pentawax to get 6-7 full layers of protect on an average size saloon car.

Stealth last touch detailer is an easy to use spray and wipe style detailing spray and is the ultimate finishing product to complement any detailing portfolio. The Stealth last touch detailer is ready to use as it can be applied directly to the paint surface. Stealth is easy to apply and leaves behind a high gloss finish.  This detailing spray has been developed to create an exceptionally high water tension on your paintwork meaning that water will bead easily and not allow dust and dirt to settle

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