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Cover-Up Filler Glaze is an easy to use high gloss glaze that allows anyone to get the appearance of a highly polished paint finish in one easy step.

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Cover-Up Filler Glaze is an easy to use high gloss glaze that allows anyone to get the appearance of a highly polished paint finish in one easy step.

Cover-Up will mask light swirls marks, spider webs, and holograms in your paintwork.

Even though cover up is a bright blue colour, it can be used on any colour car and for best results apply with a dual action polisher.

For longevity this products can be sealed in with a Wax or Sealant, we personally recommend our Pentawax for a long lasting high gloss finish.

Usage Guidelines

Cover-Up Filler Glaze can be applied by hand or dual action machine. By hand it should be applied using a clean foam applicator pad. Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops to the applicator pad and massage evenly into the panel in a thin layer, allow to cure and haze for approximately 3-5 minutes. Remove the excess product by gently buffing with a clean microfibre buffing cloth. To achieve the best results we recommend application with a dual action polisher, using a foam finishing pad. Apply 2-3 pea-sized drops onto the finishing pad. Then work in thoroughly to the panel at a slow speed until only a thin film remains. The film should then be buffed off carefully using a clean microfibre buffing cloth.

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8 reviews for Cover Up Filler Glaze

  1. Pete – NI

    Love this product! my civic has soft paint and gets swirls pretty easy but this always leaves the car looking great. Yes it’s a little expensive but we are always going to complain about price( just to try and get the price down) but you really don’t use much so it will last.

  2. Gary – Empire Detailing

    Great product! ive tried many products like this. But know matter what the vehicle, light or dark it does a brilliant job. Soft or hard paint!

  3. Sean Ryan

    The best glaze you can get it’s as simple as that!

  4. DOCW – Sheffield

    Used on a new Aston Martin n430 vantage in jet black with skyfall grey can’t rails. The supplying dealership left some swirl marks and I did not trust them to remove these to the standard I wanted. I had arranged to have the car detailed and quartz coated in a couple of weeks time but I may cancel this as the glaze finish is fantastic. It is so easy to apply and wipes off very easily. There were no smears and the depth of shine in the black is like a mirror. Brilliant product.

  5. Daz – Wirral

    Fabulous stuff to use, very easy use, defiantly one to have in your kit box.

  6. Abi – Bristol

    Incredible product, used many others & none have given such a great finish especially as my paintwork is quite soft so scratches easily this is perfect to bring it back to life. Price is reasonable & competitive.

  7. Gary – High Peak

    A little expensive but worth every penny.. The best filler glaze i have ever used bar none. Get this in your detailing kit for a superb result on bodywork,covers minor swirls and holograms. Poorboys black hole and AG UDS need to up their game…

  8. Evolution Valeting

    Use it on a daily basis on private customer cars and also on local dealerships High end prestige cars. Always happy with results and very easy to use.

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