Ultimate Gloss Bundle

High Gloss Essentials all wrapped into a convenient bundle.
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Product Description

Initailly 20 Bundle packs available!


For the ultimate gloss factor, combined with outstanding hydrophobic properties and incredible beading, here's a bundle you must have as a detailer.  Fill, wax and enhance, all at one go with the following products;


1 x 150ml             PentaWax     High Carnauba wax content combined with 4 other wax & hydrophobe compounds

1 x 500ml             Cover Up       The ultimate filler glaze with gloss enhancers and hydrophobe additives

1 x 500ml             Stealth            Enhance the effect with the excellent Quick Detailer Stealth

1 x 100mm           Luxury plush foam application pad.  Perfect for application of both PentaWax & Cover Up

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