Geurilla Wool Wash Pad & Tracer Shampoo & Fortress


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The perfect trio of products for your Sunday morning wash and polish. The Geurilla Wool Wash Pad, Tracer Hi-Gloss Shampoo and Fortress Liquid Polish.

The Geurilla Wool Wash Pad is our luxury wool wash pad and is made from the very highest quality materials.

It’s tough on dirt but gentle on paint.  The Geurilla wool wash pad is capable on holding a vast amount of suds and helps you to wash your paintwork gently without the risk of scratches or swirls.

This is the perfect companion to your tracer shampoo.

The wash pad measures 9″ x 9″

100% Real Lambs Wool

Tracer Hi-Gloss Shampoo is PH neutral shampoo with great lubrication and foaming abilities. Tracer has been developed in such a way as a preventative measure to ensure dirt is not dragged across the paintwork during washing. It is formulated from the highest quality raw materials sourced globally and will leave a deep gloss and unrivalled shine.

It is completely wax friendly and will only remove traffic film and other road filth.

With a ‘Cola Cubes’ scent this shampoo is a joy to use and will give you a trip down memory lane to the times of pick n mix at your local newsagents or sweet shop.

Dilution Ratio – Up to 1000:1

A couple of capfuls of tracer is all that’s needed in a 20L wash bucket of clean water to wash your vehicle and leave behind that superb 50cal shine.

Fortress Liquid Polish combines the long established quality finish of Carnauba with the powerful strength of Montan. Fantastically easy to apply, the cure time is minutes and the effortless buff removal completes the experience.

This specialist formulation not only achieves a mirror finish, but makes it last for an extended period of time. Our initial offering is presented with a subtle tutti frutti fragrance and just the hint of a yellow colour.

  • Brilliant Finish
  • Long lasting finish
  • Ease of application and removal
  • Residue free results
  • Can be used on Chrome and alloy wheels to give the same brilliant protection
  • Non-staining to plastics, but please do remove quickly if accidently applied.
  • Subtle smell

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