5Ltr Extendible Trigger Sprayer – 1M


1 meter, flexible and extendible heavy duty trigger spray for use with any of our 5Lt containers.

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1 meter, flexible and extendable heavy duty trigger spray for use with any of our 5L containers.

This trigger allows you to simply spray directly from a 5L jar.  By holding the jar in one hand and spraying with the other, it allows a detailer or valeter to have increased versatility, control and also means that there’s no need to decant products which are ready to use into smaller bottles.

How to set up your extendable trigger
A drill bit or hole saw and a file is required to drill a hole in the lid of the 5L container.
We would advise drilling the hold in the lid while it is not screwed onto the container to avoid getting debris in the product.
After the hole has been drilled in the lid, file the edges smooth or enlarge the hold evenly to ensure a good fit.
feed the white hose into the 5L container.
The white cone fitting is then pressed into the lid to create a snug fit to hold the pipe in place going through the lid.
Then the user can begin spraying via the trigger on the end of the hose.

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