Combat Neutral 5L With Snow Foam Lance


A double pack of our gentle wax safe PH Neutral Combat Snowfoam with the Lance Corporal Snowfoam Lance.


A double pack of our gentle wax safe PH Neutral Combat Snowfoam with the Lance Corporal Snowfoam Lance.

Combat is a PH neutral safe pre wash product.  So mild you could shower with it yourself, however when used correctly the hands on cleaning power of this product will leave your vehicle looking as good as when it left the showroom.  Developed with the latest technology, we have been able to achieve an extremely mild yet powerful product.  Not only does it smell fantastic but it also helps to soften dirt during your pre wash stages, making it easier for you to clean your car with having to apply any pressure to remove dirt and grime.

We recommend using Combat snow foam in a snow foam lance.  Simply add approximately 100ml of Combat into a 1L snow foam bottle and fill the rest with 900ml of fresh clean water.  This should result in a medium density foam and would be approximately a 100:1 dilution rate.  If you live in a hard water area or would like to have thicker foam, simply add some more combat to the mixture.

  • Exceptional cleaning performance for a pH neutral product
  • Totally wax safe (LSP safe)
  • Very mild on dilution
  • Wax and dewatering additives
  • Extremely economical dilution rates
  • Juicy Orange scent
  • Developed in conjunction with the highest professional requirements
  • High lubricity to aid with washing

Usage Guidelines

Depending on the degree of contamination Combat can be used at varying dilutions. For heavy soiling, the recommended dilution with clean water is 5:1 and for moderate soiling, 10:1. For general cleaning and light soiling a dilution of 20:1 should suffice. The easiest way to use Combat is through a snow foam lance but it can also be added to a pump sprayer or simply to a bucket like a shampoo and applied with a lambs wool mitt.  Remove / rinse any remaining residue with clean water. Never allow to dwell on surfaces in direct sunlight. Always check the suitability of the product for your vehicle first, by doing a quick test.

Various fittings available to suit almost every pressure washer.

Pack Contains:

5L of Combat Neutral Snow Foam

Lance Corporal Snowfoam Lance

Fitting to connect to your pressure washer as selected

Additional information

Weight 6.7 kg
Pressure Washer Fitting

Karcher K Series, Karcher HD / HDS, M22 / Kranzle, Lavor, Nilfisk / Gerni Round Lug, Nilfisk Quick Connect, Nilfisk / Kew / Alto, Black & Decker, 11.6mm Quick Release, Bosch Original


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