Deep Clean Decon Bundle Kit


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The 50cal Deep Cleaning Decon kit is everything you need to give your paintwork that thorough going over to get all the contaminants off the surface.

The kit contains:

  • Frontline Pre Wash
  • Target Tar & Glue Remover
  • Decon Fallout Remover
  • Assault All Purpose Cleaner

Frontline Pre Wash Cleaner

When it come to a prewash this is the product you require. It has been formulated from the latest surfactant technology to be extremely aggressive on dirt but kind to paintwork. When it comes to trying to soften or remove heavy winter road grime, frontline is extremely effective.

Depending on the degree of soiling, Frontline can be diluted up to 100:1. Simply apply to the dirty paint work with a spray bottle or foam lance. Allow to dwell for 2-5 minutes then power wash off. This will leave the paintwork ready for the next detailing stage.

Target Tar & Glue Remover

Target is the ultimate in tar and glue removal. We have formulated Target tar and glue remover in such a way that it rapidly accelerates the penetration time into tar and glue deposits. You will see the tar literally dissolve in the solution and turn it brown. This will not affect top coats, paints or polishes when used as directed.

Target is an easy to use and fast acting tar remover.  50cal Target should ideally be sprayed thinly or applied to a microfiber cloth and held onto the affected area for 10-20 seconds. Then the tar should simply wipe away easily. After which, if there are any deposits left, repeat the process. Wipe the treated surface with a clean microfiber cloth and to complete the finish, and you can also use 50cal Detailing Stealth Last Touch Detailer as an aid to complete surface finishing.

Decon Fallout Remover

Decon Fallout Remover is our 50cal detailing weapon against iron fallout and stubborn brake dust.  We have developed decon to attack iron and get to work as soon as it’s sprayed on.  We have taken the chemistry to the edge with this product combining the latest surfactant technology with our existing fallout removal chemistry, but giving a stable, neutral product that will challenge, compete and leave the competition in its wake.

Simply apply decon by spraying onto the painted surface, wait for the reaction then rinse. The product is completely safe on paint work as well as alloy wheels. We offer this product in a ready to use format for ease of use and application. Use on cool surfaces, not in direct sunlight, with a short dwell time 1-2 minutes, drench rinsing and make sure you do not leave to dry.

Assault All Purpose Cleaner

Assault all purpose cleaner (APC) contains cutting edge surfactant technology and this means not only will it easily cut through the toughest grease and oil deposits, exhaust coke and brake dust but when diluted correctly, will be gentle enough to be used on interior fabrics and trim, without harming them.

Assault can be used for a huge variety of detailing and valeting tasks.

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