Citrus Blast Concentrated Citrus Pre-Wash


Stealth last touch detailer is an easy to use spray and wipe style detailing spray

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50cal Detailing Citrus Blast is a powerful citrus based pre wash that can rapidly break down dirt and grime including green grime build up and road traffic film. Citrus blast is highly concentrated and designed to be diluted down before spraying on your vehicle to start working on the dirt. Citrus Blast can be applied through a snow foam lance, pump sprayer or a normal hand spray bottle.  It contains foaming agents meaning that it can be foamed onto the car and allowed to dwell whilst it clings to the surfaces of the vehicle.  Citrus Blast can easily remove bug splatters, road grime, moss, mildew, and much more. It can be used safely on all painted surfaces, plastics, vinyl, glass, and rubber.  This highly effective pre wash safe yet extremely powerful and ideal for use on all vehicles including bikes, trucks, vans, and cars.

50cal Detailing Citrus Blast is the ideal tool for areas of your vehicle which are susceptible to picking up all kinds of grime and dirt such as bumpers, sills, wheel arches, lower panels, and lots more.  It can even be used effectively as an engine bay cleaner.  Also, Citrus Blast can be used as a fantastic soft top cleaner and has anti-bacterial agents which will kill and prevents mould from growing back and leaving those unsightly blotches on your convertible roofs.

If you want to clean like the professionals then Citrus Blast should be in everyone’s detailing kit bag.


Extremely heavy soiling/Degreasing – 1:5
Heavy road grime – 1:10
Normal pre-wash cleaning – 1:20
Light duty pre wash – 1:30
Very light duty cleaning (interiors etc) – 1:40 to 1:60

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